Image of Lather


01. Out Of Luck
02. Stealing Potatoes
03. Get A Hold Of Your Life
04. Endless Directions
05. Not That
06. Wheelfoot
07. Penguin
08. Novelty Item
09. Classical Jam
10. Miles Dankis
11. Attached

“Lather” is the Soap’s second full length CD release. Offering eleven dynamic songs, it is a truly inspired blend by one of today's most gifted bands. “Lather” is a unique album that values the unknown areas of improvisation as much as the construction of towering compositions.

On “Lather”, listeners are treated to lush, polyrhythmic tones that crackle with the brainy togetherness of jazz and the freewheeling attitude of rock. With hints of funk and fusion, Soap’s sound takes on a life of its own. Guitar solos are alternately ferocious and restrained, keyboards break the surface of the music and plunge back into its depths, and the drums and bass are as constant as the rise and fall of the sun.

The CD was recorded at Apocalypse Cow, in Montgomery, IL, and mixed and mastered by Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc in Ashland, VA